The IRS Tapes: Willie Nelson’s Way To Pay Tax


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Have you ever thought that music will eventually help you to pay tax?

Willie Nelson, the country music legend, wasn’t just famous for his superb taste of music, but also his legendary tax troubles. Back in the ’90s, Nelson was hit with a staggering multi-million tax bill. Woefully, Nelson was penniless which allowed him no way to end up the debt.

IRS took all of Nelson’s property and assets, even making an auction to make the debt settled but none was close enough. Somehow, the IRS did have last time change of hearts and make an agreement of allowing Nelson to release a compilation album and would share the proceeds with the IRS. “The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories” born and helped Nelson to get out of the dark hole.

As they ever say, bad luck happens but not to bring you down. 



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