Tethered Hot Air Balloon Tax In Kansas

[iTSThursday] Hello Enthusiasts TST!✨ Kansas has one tax rule that is weird enough to make people shake their heads : tethered hot air balloon that is not travelling get taxed. The story behind this rule is the existence of Kansas’ tax rule that obligates every sale on amusement, recreation,and entertainment services are taxed. However in fact this rule collided with the Federal Anti-Head Tax Act, states and local jurisdictions are prohibited from imposing fees and charges on airlines and other airport users. 

Moreover Kansas didn’t surrender easily to crave this tax potential, so in 2010 they tackled this rule by arguing that tethered hot air balloons can’t be categorized as an air transportation since the owner doesn’t go anywhere and the air balloon still stays at its place. So make sure you don’t tether or ground your hot air balloon in Kansas if you don’t want to get taxed. #The21stTST #SHINEtheBRIGHTEST