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Paying airport tax is always such a burden when deciding a trip with an airplane. The fee is so high with the loophole of not knowing where the money goes. But when it comes to airport taxes, The Simon Bolivar International Airport of Maiquetia in Caracas, Venezuela takes the cake.

Back in 2014, Venezuela’s Government announced that whoever departs from the biggest international airport in Venezuela faced a levy of 127 bolivars which equaled to 18 dollars. This fee was to pay for a new air conditioning unit installed earlier that year. This air conditioning system was claimed to “eliminate contaminants” and injects ozone into the atmosphere to improve the environment and protect the health of passengers.

In a short way, you need to pay to breathe inside the airport whether you want it or not.

With such a great potential of loophole, this tax was still applied to all domestic and international passengers. The ‘breathing tax’ had also made #1 Worldwide Trending in Twitter back in 2014 because of its oddness.