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Tethered Hot Air Balloon Tax In Kansas

[iTSThursday] Hello Enthusiasts TST!✨ Kansas has one tax rule that is weird enough to make people shake their heads : tethered hot air balloon that is not travelling get taxed. The story behind this rule is the existence of Kansas’ tax rule that obligates every sale on amusement, recreation,and entertainment services are taxed. However in […]


Hello Enthusiasts TST!✨ We are back with iTSThursday.   The coronavirus is affecting 186 countries and territories around the world. Due to this outbreak, individuals and business are experiencing numerous cash-flow issues. Trump’s administration is implementing a postponement in the tax payment system regarding the plague.   Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin declared that the April […]

Sin Tax in Saudi Arabia

Sin Tax in Saudi Arabia   [iTSThursday #1]   Hello EnthusiasTST!✨   Did you know?   Saudi Arabia has implemented 100% tax on tobacco products and energy drinks that contain alcohol, also 50% tax on soft drinks since 2017. The idea of a “sin tax” was imposed in the region in order to take joint […]

The IRS Tapes: Willie Nelson’s Way To Pay Tax

[iTSThursday] Hello Enthusiasts TST!✨   Have you ever thought that music will eventually help you to pay tax? Willie Nelson, the country music legend, wasn’t just famous for his superb taste of music, but also his legendary tax troubles. Back in the ’90s, Nelson was hit with a staggering multi-million tax bill. Woefully, Nelson was […]

Breast tax in Travancore

[iTSThursday #2]   Hello EnthusiasTST!   Did you know?   State of Travancore imposed a breast tax on women belonging to disadvantaged sections of society. Women from lower castes were not allowed to cover their breasts, and were taxed heavily if they did so. Tax collectors measured the breasts and levied tax accordingly.   However, […]